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altumAI Vendor Viewpoint

Doug Turk, CEO, altumAIDoug Turk, CEO
Who is altumAI and what are you trying to solve?

altumAI, is a leading worker health and safety software and analytics firm. Founded in 2017, by Doug Turk, Lars Skari, and Simon Prowse with a simple premise: “We can use technology and data to predict and avoid worker risk and to redefine workplace safety to transform workers’ comp”. From that beginning, we have been singularly focused on developing and deploying the world’s most comprehensive tech and data solution for workplace and worker health and safety.

What’s currently happening with worker safety technology and why is your solution significant?

Data surrounds every worker, regardless of industry and role, and that is not being used to predict and avoid risk. Working with partners we set-out to prove our hypothesis by collaborating directly with companies facing high workers’ comp costs. More than two years of deploying technology and wearables in the field led to eye opening conclusion:

● Data surrounding workers can be used to effectively predict and avoid worker risk

● Current technologies (“wearables”) do a good job of capturing body motion risks however worker risk is influenced and driven by other factors and areas

● Current solutions are too narrowly focused, very hardware centric, difficult to provision and deploy, expensive and not well suited to drive outcomes at scale

● Most importantly, current solutions fail to inform and engage workers and their managers to create immediate action

With an in-depth understanding of the problem, we were determined to develop a comprehensive solution to address these shortcomings. The result is the Connected Risk platform, an advanced, open, hardware agnostic Software-as-a-Service solution for workplace and worker risk avoidance. The Connected Risk platform ingests data from a multitude of sources, uses advanced machine learning and worker risk models to create insights and deployed action. The altumAI apps enable the phone to become a wearable, thereby capturing workers’ body motion risks and delivering awareness and insight to the individual worker.

The existing mobile infrastructure provides a cost-effective way for the Apps to create awareness, communication, engagement, and results.

What solutions does altumAI offer?

altumAI has three solutions to help companies and employees work safe and save money.

- futureWork is a mobile enabled app that captures and interprets six primary data themes from twists and bends to environment and time on the job, every worker has a unique data story that altumAI captures to create a personalized risk score to identify and avoid risk.

- checkPointis a mobile enabled app for an easy to use return-to-work solution to support an organization’s commitment to health and safety. The solution supports and delivers on CDC, FDA, and State disease risk guidelines.

- futureWork MGA launching in January 2021; our MGA solution combines our futureWork technology and Connected Risk Platform for risk avoidance for a new workers’ comp user experience and insurance outcome.

How does altumAI redefine Workers’ Comp?

altumAI is redefining workers’ comp with a streamlined, digital-first user experience and proven, proprietary and patent pending technology and AI to create insights and action to systemically shift the risk curve. Our approach will drive loss frequency reduction, loss severity improvement and better injury-illness prevention to reduce the total cost of risk.

Does altumAI meet ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) values?

altumAI is committed to meeting the Social criteria of an ESG company through our worker health and safety technology developed for risk avoidance for both injury and disease risk. We bring the worker back into workers' compensation by actively engaging workers and employers in awareness, communication, and action around safety.

Until altumAI, technology to cost-effectively and pragmatically prevent injuries before they happen did not exist. With altumAI we can now shift the risk curve and change existing orthodoxy from "fix the injury to prevent the injury". With the onset of CV-19, our technology has also been expanded to include CV-19 screening, providing an effective tool for companies to manage disease risk in the workplace.

Overall using our AI and machine learning technology, we will improve risk avoidance capabilities by making workers, their managers, and employers aware of their risk and provide the contextual insight and micro-training to avoid risk.

We are proud to be named a 2020 New Product of the Year winner (Safety Monitoring Devices category) by Occupational Health and Safety Magazine. The award aligns with our commitment to keeping workers healthy and safe and the program honors the outstanding product development achievements of products who are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve worker safety.