Ideagen: A Complete Framework for Compliance and Risk Management

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Ideagen: A Complete Framework for Compliance and Risk Management

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Ben Dorks, CEO, IdeagenBen Dorks, CEO At some point of time, all businesses and non-profit organizations face the risk of unexpected events, such as a natural disaster, loss of funds through theft, or injury to staff, customers, or uninvited visitors on premises, that could drastically impact business operations. Any of these events can create dramatic loss—both financial and intellectual—or cause an organization to permanently shut down. The right risk management plan with a blend of expert advice can help organizations to prepare for the unexpected, minimizing risks and extra costs before they even occur. By considering potential risks or events and acquiring the capability to either prepare to avoid the risk or to manage it, organizations can save money and feel protected. Headquartered in the UK, Ideagen makes a remarkable presence in the industry by providing market-leading information management, safety, risk, and compliance software solutions that allow organizations to achieve operational excellence, regulatory compliance and reduce risk. Ideagen’s broad portfolio of solutions ranges from audit and risk management, document management and workflow, process mapping, order communications, infection control, and electronic medical record management.

Delivering Strategic Risk Mitigation

Ideagen’s flagship solution, Coruson, is specifically developed for the risk management space. As an enterprise cloud software, Coruson gives complete control, visibility, and real time reporting of every detail and aspect of safety and operational risk within an organization. As a mainstay in Ideagen’s portfolio of governance, risk and compliance applications, Coruson has matured over the past two years and has been delivered to many high-profile customers including the UK rail safety and standards board, Haeco, and Telefonica.

"We pride ourselves in hiring and retaining the best talent around. With more than 350 employees in multiple locations we're one of the most exciting and fastest growing software companies in the world"

Ideagen’s team truly understands the fact that seamless integration is a critical success factor for every organization. The company’s integrated risk management solution allows users to create relationships between policies, controls, regulations, assets, people, and other business objects.

Coruson helps large enterprises in aviation, rail, advanced engineering, oil and gas and the chemicals industry to improve efficiency and productivity. It is a complete risk management solution that comes with safety operations, incident reporting and risk management that enable businesses to comply with standards and regulations, safeguard reputation and achieve strategic objectives.

Ideagen makes a remarkable presence in the industry by providing market-leading information management, safety, risk, and compliance software solutions

Coruson is the one of the most scalable, user friendly and functionally rich enterprise applications for safety, operational risk and quality management. With a centralized risk register and risk visualization and communication capabilities, Coruson has created ripples in the industry. The solution also facilitates effective mitigation, action planning and automation with complete analysis of the situation and continuous monitoring to detect any incidents.

Over the years, Coruson’s outstanding scalability has made it a global business management solution rather than just a quality focused provider. Its global access capability allows staff around the world to easily access the software. Meanwhile, its mobile capability focuses on changes and errors to be accessed and communicated to the team in a much easier and user friendly way.

Decoding Compliance

Another key offering of Ideagen is Q-Pulse—a proven quality, compliance safety and operational risk management software solution. As an effective quality management solution, it empowers organizations with total control, operational excellence and integrity. The widely accepted quality management software, Q-Pulse eliminates bureaucracy and automates and streamlines business processes for standards and regulatory compliance, safety management and risk management.

With Q-Pulse, organizations can achieve compliance with any standards or regulations, reduce exposure to the risk of non-conformance, and avoid fines and reputational damage. With Q-Pulse, organizations can foster an open reporting culture that generates timely business intelligence, while improving decision making and enabling a rapid response to emerging problems and incidents. The solution enables businesses to seamlessly handle customer complaints and compliments, product issues, improvement suggestions, and user ratings as well as classifications. The software can be installed both on-premise or hosted and delivered as a service. It can be easily integrated and customized with other existing business systems to deliver the solution that maximizes operational and business benefits. When delivered as a service, all the same customization and integration possibilities including mobile capability and powerful analytics can be implemented.

For over two decades Q-Pulse has helped organizations and industries become more mature and accountable. Today it helps manufacturers, airlines, and healthcare organizations to comply with standards and regulations, control safety and risk and achieve unprecedented levels of quality and efficiency. The software has evolved with several capabilities over the years and will continue to be one of the most efficient partners to organizations.

Ideagen has consistently invested in Q-Pulse to deliver the most premium user experience as well as capabilities.

The Promise of Quality and Compliance

Ideagen's diverse customer base includes several renowned, global brands such as British Airways, BAE, Ryanair, US Navy, Bank of New York, Commerzbank, Heineken, Meggitt, Johnson Matthey, and European Central Bank. Additionally, Ideagen also counts 180 hospitals across the UK and US amongst its client base. A recent instance that explains the company’s value proposition is when Johnson Matthey, a British multinational specialty chemicals technologies company, decided to step into 21st-century quality management with Ideagen Coruson. Johnson Matthey was using a software system for general quality management and business performance reporting, but their day-to-day quality processes were manual, slow and laborious with their traditional provider. The business was also going through a period of change, and so an easy-to-use system had to be identified to modernize business operations. This made Johnson Matthey move away from the traditional provider and harness the potential of Ideagen. Johnson Matthey initially used Ideagen as a dedicated quality solution but the business soon found the system being used for much more than that. The company is now using it to conduct detailed safety audits, to document design changes to existing products and track actions within each department. As the business is going through a period of change at the moment, Coruson is helping the client document and track those changes. With Ideagen, Johnson Matthey has taken a step change in how they approach quality and Coruson has helped them to enter the modern era with an advanced quality system.

A Future of Simplified Risk Management

Ideagen has been providing software and services to organizations operating within highly regulated industries such as aviation, banking and finance and life science, healthcare and manufacturing. With an excellent portfolio of software products including Q-Pulse, Coruson, Pentana Audit, Pentana Performance and PleaseReview, Ideagen helps businesses reduce costs while enhancing operational efficiency, strengthen compliance and oversight. In the long run, the company envisions delivering new solutions as well as enhancing the capabilities of its existing portfolio while maintaining its global footprint.

Today, Ideagen directly employs more than 420 members of staff and touches every continent globally. "At Ideagen, we know that our business is only as good as our people. That's why we pride ourselves in hiring and retaining the best talent around. With more than 350 employees in multiple locations we're one of the most exciting and fastest growing software companies in the world."

Currently, more than 4,700 organizations use Ideagen's products including seven of the top 10 UK accounting firms, the entire top aerospace and defense companies and 75 percent of the world's leading pharmaceutical firms. As part of its vision to deliver the best possible solutions and educating its employees, the company recently launched a cloud-based e-learning solution Ideagen Academy for Ideagen Software. It allows the entire workforce to become fully competent using Ideagen’s software suite quickly, easily and on their own terms. The state-of-the-art training software provides a stimulating variety of interactive demos, activities and assessments that encourages employees to become self-sufficient learners, saving a wealth of valuable time and money.

- Vishnu Santhosh
    March 01, 2019

Ideagen News

Ideagen Plc Acquires Top Irish SaaS Provider

Nottingham, England - Ben Dorks, CEO of Ideagen Plc, seals the acquisition of Scannell Solutions Ltd (PRNewsfoto/Ideagen Plc)

Ideagen Plc, the leading UK based software developer operating in the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) sector has announced the acquisition of Scannell Solutions Ltd for a fee of £3.5m.

Scannell Solutions Ltd is based in the Republic of Ireland and is known for its Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for Environmental Health, Safety and Quality monitoring and auditing.

Ben Dorks, CEO of Ideagen, said: "I am delighted to announce the acquisition of Scannell Solutions Ltd. The company is a leader in terms of Environmental Health, Safety and Quality solutions, which it offers via a SaaS platform, so this will enable Ideagen to grow both our SaaS capabilities and accelerate our EHSQ offering."

The acquisition is the first of 2019 for Ideagen and follows a period of excellent growth for the business. 2018 saw acquisitions in the US and UK aimed at growing the company's geographical and service offering as well as expand its current client base.

Scannell Solutions Ltd currently has around 100 customers, including blue chip companies, such as Coca Cola, Johnson&Johnson, BT and Heineken.

Geoff Spiers of Scannell Solutions Ltd, said: "Scannell Solutions Ltd is delighted to be joining Ideagen. Ideagen is a world leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software solutions for businesses in a wide range of industries. By coming together with them we will have the opportunity to significantly grow the customer base for our Environmental Health, Safety and Quality solution."