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Top 10 Risk and Compliance Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

Risk and compliance management is more vital than ever, as companies are becoming increasingly active at GRC. Although the value of effective GRC is widely known, how and where it is managed can still vary. Creating the right environment to mitigate risk, optimize performance, and protect the company brand starts at the top. It sets the foundation for creating the right culture of risk and compliance, where each member of the organization understands their position in enforcement across the organization, acts with integrity, and embraces the business principles. In order to thrive, companies need to predict potential threats and be vigilant, despite changing internal and external environments.

GRC technology helps organizations collect and organize data, use it to be prepared, take action, and leverage opportunities. Through keeping up with these trends, boards and C-suites will help ensure that the right resources are given for their companies to help execute the GRC strategy. Managing risk, compliance, and governance with GRC technology remove redundant processes and tasks, which results in reduced costs. The new GRC solution integrates automation and artificial intelligence into the program, accelerating processes and automating them. Tasks that used to take hours can now be completed in minutes, because all the information and data needed are already available in one system. Monitoring is also automated, where problems are detected, and notifications are automatically sent.

In order to help businesses who struggle to adopt and implement risk and compliance solutions, the current edition of CFO Tech Outlook brings you “Top 10 Risk and Compliance Consulting/Services Companies - 2020.” The solutions and services offered by these companies help improve business performance by reducing risk and ensuring compliance.

    Top Risk and Compliance Consulting Companies

  • Riverside is a trusted advisor offering unparalleled expertise in hedging interest rate, currency, convertible bond and commodity risk. Riverside is also an industry thought leader on the LIBOR transition assisting its clients through unchartered water and preparing for LIBOR’s cessation after 2021.

  • SDDco Group provides its clients with a full suite of accounting and compliance solutions ranging from accounting, tax compliance and outsourced FinOps, cybersecurity, AML testing and compliance. The company offers its clients a team where every member is an expert in the service they offer. All the professionals in the Accounting, FinOp and Compliance Divisions are Series 24, 27, and 63 certified, with several of them being CPAs. The company prides itself on involving deeply with its clients, thereby offering personalized service to ensure the best possible outcomes.

  • BARR Advisory

    BARR Advisory

    BARR Advisory provides I.T. governance, risk, and compliance services for today’s agile enterprise. They simplify compliance across multiple regulatory and customer requirements as a trusted advisor to some of the fastest-growing cloud, software, and managed service providers. They go beyond the compliance checklist and take a comprehensive, risk-based approach to assessment.

  • Compliance Risk Concepts

    Compliance Risk Concepts

    Compliance Risk Concepts is a business-focused crew of senior compliance consultants and executives offering as-needed, project-based, or part-time, top-level compliance advisory services to clients. They provide their customers with the vital skills and knowledge required to develop, sustain, and improve a balanced and significant operational compliance risk. Their top-level compliance consulting services ultimately help a wide variety of industries achieve financial, functional and strategic goals.

  • FinPro


    FinPro, Inc. is a service management consulting firm providing advisory services to the financial institution's industry. It offers strategic planning, business risk management, leadership and education, corporate governance, market feasibility, asset management, and regulatory consulting. The illustration reflects a proven and effective step-by-step guideline designed to help institutions build value in any economic environment through real growth.

  • Foreside Financial Group

    Foreside Financial Group

    Foreside offers strategic advice and the best-in-class technology solutions for customers in the multinational asset and wealth management sectors. The Foreside software suite and platform-based model helps automate and simplify consumer compliance and marketing. Foreside works with pooled investment products, investment consultants, broker-dealers, managers of global assets, and other financial institutions. By harnessing state-of-the-art technology, Foreside helps companies address and shape the regulatory environment, drive operational efficiency and growth, and focus on value-added work.

  • Prescio


    Prescio Consulting is a financial and information technology consulting firm with experience in risk management, financial modeling, systems administration, IT, and software development. Prescio provides services to large regional and international corporations, banks and financial firms, energy and utility companies, real estate firms, government, higher education, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. Their mission is to be a valuable partner with technical expertise that helps its clients manage risk, minimize costs, and generate more revenue.

  • Security Compliance Associates

    Security Compliance Associates

    Security Compliance Associates provides businesses with information security assessment and compliance advisory service. Security Compliance Associates seasoned team of professionals delivers superior work product and unparalleled relationship value. These include building lifetime partnerships based on mutual trust and respect, a culture of service, and employing dedicated, knowledgeable staff. These values have allowed them to expand, strengthening the depth and breadth of their people and services. The sole focus of SCA is safeguarding critical information, regardless of media, and complying with information security regulations.

  • Tevora


    Tevora is an enterprise consulting company specialized in services and technologies for information security, governance, and compliance. They have partnered with some of the world's leading businesses, organizations and governments to ensure that information is safe and complies with relevant regulations. With a distinctive blend of validated goods and services, Tevora helps businesses defend their most valuable assets against external and internal threats.

  • The Alacer Group

    The Alacer Group

    Alacer provides consulting services, technology solutions, and managed staffing that helps companies to quickly and smartly address their needs resulting in positive results. Alacer is a network of experienced consultants and practitioners with extensive experience in financial services, healthcare, technology, and government services. They provide consulting services, technology solutions, and managed staffing. The Alacer Group focuses on four areas: Big data, technology, finance, and healthcare. Offering expert consultants worldwide, Alacer works with companies to quickly and smartly address their needs resulting in positive results.