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Top 10 Risk and Compliance Solution Companies - 2020

Risk and compliance management is more vital than ever, as companies are becoming increasingly active at GRC. Although the value of effective GRC is widely known, how and where it is managed can still vary. Creating the right environment to mitigate risk, optimize performance, and protect the company brand starts at the top. It sets the foundation for creating the right culture of risk and compliance, where each member of the organization understands their position in enforcement across the organization, acts with integrity, and embraces the business principles. In order to thrive, companies need to predict potential threats and be vigilant, despite changing internal and external environments.
GRC technology helps organizations collect and organize data, use it to be prepared, take action, and leverage opportunities. Through keeping up with these trends, boards and C-suites will help ensure that the right resources are given for their companies to help execute the GRC strategy. Managing risk, compliance, and governance with GRC technology remove redundant processes and tasks, which results in reduced costs. The new GRC solution integrates automation and artificial intelligence into the program, accelerating processes and automating them. Tasks that used to take hours can now be completed in minutes, because all the information and data needed are already available in one system. Monitoring is also automated, where problems are detected, and notifications are automatically sent.
In order to help businesses who struggle to adopt and implement risk and compliance solutions, the current edition of CFO Tech Outlook brings you “Top 10 Risk and Compliance Solution Providers - 2020” The solutions and services offered by these companies help improve business performance by reducing risk and ensuring compliance.

    Top Risk and Compliance Solution Companies

  • Provides a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to help firms with their need for a safe and efficient way to ensure the security of their mortgage and refinancing wire transactions

  • Silent Eight—a venture-backed, RegTech company providing an AI-powered solution to help financial institutions combat money laundering and terrorist financing while managing their compliance and risk obligations. As opposed to inefficient legacy systems that have limited learning capability, Silent Eight’s AI-powered solution can analyze petabytes of data and provide the human workforce with more relevant information. This allows employees to focus on more complicated alerts that require human intervention. In essence, by allowing the human mind and technology to work in liaison, Silent Eight drives a better outcome and enhances the security of transactions.

  • StarCompliance’s global enterprise-grade platform is geared to the needs of regulated entities in financial services, monitoring all aspects of employee conflicts of interest including personal trading, private investments, gifts and entertainment, outside business activity, political contributions, and market abuse. By providing clients with intuitive software powered by a fully configurable rules engine, StarCompliance automates an organization’s unique code of ethics to streamline the employee compliance program, making it simple and easy for employees to comply.

  • Tookitaki provides enterprise software solutions to enable sustainable regulatory compliance programs in financial services industry

  • The company is a leading provider of vendor risk SaaS software and integrated vendor evaluation reporting. As a leading provider of vendor risk SaaS software and integrated vendor evaluation reporting, VendorInsight helps customers in managing large vendor populations effectively. Being an enterprise-class, web-based vendor risk management solution, VendorInsight simplifies the vendor and contract management process through easy-to-use features, automated workflows, and vendor news/risk monitoring. It helps organizations ensure compliance, reduce risk, as well as manage the entire life cycle of the vendor activity, right from vendor selection, onboarding, profiling, to termination

  • Arachnys


    The company specializes in Customer Risk Intelligence, which enables the understanding of, and provides insights and intelligence into, risk at a customer level. Arachnys also simplifies customer entity management with its Spotlight solution, enabling analysts to automate the population and validation of entity profile data, including ultimate beneficial ownership. The institutions' analysts work through guided steps that automatically create full audit logs and ensure that their investigative processes are consistently followed. Customer risk can rapidly change.

  • IdentityMind


    IdentityMind Global offers a SaaS platform that creates, manages, and analyzes digital identities worldwide, allowing businesses to conduct identity proofing, risk-based authentication, regulatory recognition, and detection and prevention of identity fraud. Built-in transaction monitoring facilitates e-commerce fraud prevention, anti-money laundering (AML), and counter-terrorism financing (CTF). Their proprietary eDNA technology monitors the entities involved in each transaction securely to create specific reputations for trust in the digital identity. That reputation is shared anonymously among customers in the Global Identity Network of IdentityMind.

  • IPR Secure

    IPR Secure

    IPR offers tailored solutions to address the unique needs of any enterprise by integrating colocation, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure, storage and data processing, as well as strategic solutions like disaster recovery, compliance and regulation, data protection, and strategic IT cost management. IPR helps businesses to transfer capital expense to operating expenditure, and variable costs to fixed controllable costs. Before creating an environment that meets the needs of its clients, IPR's highly experienced team of experts will analyze the current IT environment and assess targets during a CloudBuilder session. CloudBuilder session is the IPR program that will help companies move data and applications to the cloud safely and successfully.

  • Reciprocity


    In today's complicated cybersecurity and regulatory landscape, Reciprocity offers a platform, ZenGRC, that presents organizations with a modern approach to managing infosec risk and compliance. Reciprocity organizes the information security world by empowering trusted relationships between systems, people, and partners. The company is known for its hassle-free execution, intuitive design, and forward-thinking technology approaches that transfer risk and enforcement from a cost-center to an organizational value-creator.

  • Resolver


    Resolver provides an integrated risk management platform that supports the process of response and recovery when an unplanned event occurs. They also help to organize and manage the organization to minimize the likeliness or effect of events from occurring. Resolver's team consists of security, risk, and compliance experts who serve over 1,000 customers across 100 countries with offices in North America, UK, New Zealand, and the Middle East.